Back to School Tour

Coming soon is our Back to School tour! Our 'Lunch on Wheels' food truck is touring the UK and will be available for customers to collect a packed lunch box full of tasty products for shoppers and children to try. Customers can also take home some recipe cards for healthy, lunchtime inspiration.

Alongside this, we will be giving out handy meal planners and superstar stickers to encourage children to take part, eat healthy and be more active. 

We also have a virtual homework hunt taking place. A fun, engaging and educational hunt around the store is for kids, parents, and grandparents alike. Around the store, shoppers will be encouraged to take part by downloading our APP and answering several questions to win a prize!

Our Lunch on Wheels tour is running from 25th August 2022 - 1st September 2022 in the following stores:

Asda Trafford Park, Asda Pudsey, Asda Queslett, Asda Derby, Asda Leicester, Asda Coventry, Asda Milton Keynes, Asda Beckton

Our Homework Hunt tour is running on 27th August 2022 & 28th August 2022 in the following stores:

Asda Toryglen, Asda Govan, Asda Boldon, Asda Stockton, Asda Pudsey, Asda Glasshoughton, Asda Hulme, Asda Trafford Park, Asda Ashton, Asda Derby, Asda Great Bridge, Asda Leicester, Asda Nuneaton, Asda Milton Keynes, Asda Castlepoint, Asda Havant, Asda Marina (Brighton), Asda Chatham, Asda Gravesend, Asda Wembley, Asda Park Royal, Asda Sheffield, Asda Linwood, Asda Hamilton, Asda Donnington Wood, Asda Queslett, Asda High Wycombe, Asda Coventry, Asda Beckton, Asda Cardiff, Asda Longwell Green, Asda Runcorn, Asda Burgh Heath