New Digital Media Packages

As you may have heard from your Account Manager, Asda Media Partnership are changing how we currently book our digital marketing media from a granular level approach to a package booking system. ​

This new booking process will create ease and flexibility as our specialised digital ops team will have the ability to optimise your booked media to drive performance as and when necessary.​

The changes will take place in a few weeks time, but to ensure you feel comfortable and any potential questions or doubts are addressed prior to launch, we have arranged a zoom training call on Thursday 28th July. 09.00am - 10.00am.

This session will be an introduction and overview of the new digital packages and a deep dive into the digital workflow.

​​​​​To find out more, watch our introduction to packages video below and contact your account manager today to book. 

We will then have a follow up session week commencing 1st August specifically on the new packages.